End of Year Holiday Programmes

More details will be release soon for our end of year 2023 holiday programmes. For more details on our current available courses, please click the button below to enquire.

Going to K1 & K2 in 2023
Chinese Culture Explorer 中华文化探索班

  This course aims to:
• Acquire basic Chinese vocabulary
• Stimulate imagination
• Cultivate interest in learning Chinese
• Improve speaking & listening ability

Going to Primary 1 in 2023
Entry to Primary One Class (EP1C) 小一入学预备班

This course aims to help students transit to Primary school with:
• Learning Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音, essential for understanding Primary 1 MOE Chinese syllabus
• Formation and pronunciation methods
• Application principles of Hanyu Pinyin
• Articulation of words

Going to Primary 2 in 2023
Basic Composition Writing Course 写作与口试班

Students will learn these writing skills:
• Writing introductions and conclusions for Chinese compositions
• Understanding the picture composition question (看图作文) & make links between sequential pictures
• Using connectors and transition words
• Writing descriptive compositions
• Using idioms (成语)

Going to Primary 3,4,5 in 2023
Writing & Comprehension Course 写作与理解班

This course aims to:
• Build upon students’ existing writing skills
• Develope their flare for writing
• Focus on creative thinking in story development
• Help understand the central theme in a composition

Going to Primary 6 in 2023
PSLE Preparatory Course 小六预备班

By the end of this programme, your child will be able to:
• Learn the skill of descriptive writing
• Grasp and apply useful words or phrases in their writing (好词好句)
• Apply strategies and answering techniques
• Understand different composition genres
• Gain familiarity with PSLE requirements and examination format.
Course content includes:
• Composition Writing
• Comprehension II answering techniques
• Oral test practice ( 看图说话,看录像会话,短文朗读,演讲体验 )

Going to Secondary 1 in 2023
Secondary 1 Preparatory Programme 中一预备班

Course Highlights:
• Introduction to components in new syllabus
• Learn writing skills to master different composition genres
• Understand the requirements of different types of comprehension questions
• Grasp scoring techniques for cloze passage
• Gain familiarity with the examination components in O-Level Chinese
• Express Chinese & Higher Chinese available
• Understand the requirements of Paper 1, 2 & 3 in Secondary School examination

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