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林楷衡 N2 (2023)

Teacher Zhao is truly a dedicated teacher. The post-lesson briefings for every class are explained in great detail. Since we couldn’t fully remember all the strokes for the characters that Teacher Zhao mentioned Kai Heng should pay attention to, Teacher Zhao specially created a worksheet for Kai Heng to practice those strokes. We are genuinely thankful for that. Meanwhile, as we primarily communicate in English at home, now Kai Heng has not only improved in Mandarin but has also increased the frequency of speaking Mandarin at home. Hua Cheng, keep up the excellent work!

Testimonial by Father of 林楷衡

林俽睿 ACE2 (2023)

Teacher Lee is truly a very attentive teacher. Xin Rui started at Hua Cheng in P1, and initially, Xin Rui had some difficulty adjusting to the new learning environment. However, after every class, Teacher Lee would provide us with a briefing on Xin Rui’s learning progress. With great patience and attention to detail, Teacher Lee adjusted the teaching style and pace to help Xin Rui gradually adapt.

Teacher Lee also takes the extra effort to stay in touch with us and shares valuable insights to enhance Xin Rui’s Mandarin learning journey. Moving on to the P2 materials at Hua Cheng, they are exceptionally well-written. The content and vocabulary align perfectly with the school’s assessments, including the selected spelling (听写) words, which happen to cover 70% of Xin Rui’s upcoming school spelling test. This has made her spelling tests at school much easier. We hope Teacher Lee will continue to guide Xin Rui through her entire Chinese learning journey!

Testimonial by Mother of 林俽睿

刘晋昀 K2 (2023)

“曾老师 is truly the most dedicated teacher I have ever come across. Jin Yun truly like 曾老师 and I genuinely hope she could continue teaching my daughter until Primary 6. The best part of Hua Cheng’s teaching methodology is the post-class briefings to all parents, which make us feel their sincerity and commitment. In addition to group briefing after each class, 曾老师 will also personally give me an account on areas where Jin Yun has done well and areas she needs to improve upon. While I appreciate 曾老师 and frontline staff for their care and guidance rendered to Jin Yun and Jin Wei, I am immensely grateful for the profound impacts Hua Cheng have had on their Chinese learning journey.  “

Testimonial by Mother of 刘晋昀

李康延 ACE P2 (2023)

“A Chinese Learning Centre was recommended to me by a mother of one of my son’s classmates, and it is very good! My son is very happy with it, and he is slowly regaining his confidence in learning Chinese, as he had a traumatizing experience with another Chinese Learning Centre that he attended before. Teacher Li also gives some specific advice and suggestions from time to time, and has suggested that my child attend additional 旁听课. Even when my child really can’t understand some new characters, Teacher Li occasionally explains in English if necessary.

The Centre excels in both maintaining a clean environment and ensuring efficient customer service, while also taking great care in ensuring the safety of my child. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with their exceptional performance in all aspects.

Thank you Hua Cheng & Teacher Li for the patience and love he received every lesson. Really appreciate & I am grateful!”

Testimonial by Mother of 李康延

吴振勲 K1 (2023)

“My child has been taught by Teacher Huang at Hua Cheng for two years now. Teacher Huang is a patient and attentive educator, and my child adores her. Additionally, I find Hua Cheng’s Flash cards to be incredibly helpful in deepening my child’s interest in Chinese and making learning effortless. Hua Cheng’s teaching materials for pre-school children are also very comprehensive, providing training in the key areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing that are essential for young learners.

The curriculum has been incredibly helpful in providing my child with a thorough grounding in these foundational skills. Moreover, whenever we need to arrange make-up classes or one-to-one catch-up lessons, Hua Cheng’s customer service team has always been prompt and efficient. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of education that Hua Cheng provides, keep it up Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by Mother of 吴振勲

陈思宁 K2 (2023)

“Hua Cheng’s customer service team is highly efficient in their work. They respond to any requests promptly and consistently, which is very impressive. What stood out to me the most is that if I am unable to make up for a missed class, they are able to quickly arrange for an online class as a makeup session.

Another aspect that I really appreciate is that after each class, Hua Cheng’s teachers provide an immediate briefing to parents. This allows me to stay informed about my child’s learning progress, and is something that I really look forward to. Overall, Hua Cheng not only delivers the curriculum content effectively, but also places a strong emphasis on maintaining a clean environment and delivering excellent customer service with great efficiency.

And, I would like to express my gratitude to Hua Cheng for taking good care of my girls while they are at their premises, thanks.”

Testimonial by Father of 陈思宁

陈歆颖 CCW P2 (2023)

“My daughter Xin Ying said loudly, “I like Teacher Li!” I am really happy to hear that my daughter likes her teacher at Hua Cheng so much. Not only does Teacher Li’s interactive teaching style effectively deliver the course material, but it also makes learning Chinese an enjoyable experience for my child.

Furthermore, Teacher Li conducts parent briefings after class, which not only helps me to keep track of my child’s progress but also allows me to gain better insights into the teacher’s approach to teaching Chinese. Her friendly and experienced demeanor adds to her appeal as a teacher.

Xin Ying has been attending Hua Cheng for four years now, and I am proud to see her progress from not speaking Chinese at all to gradually increasing her usage of the language at home. As long as my child enjoys it, I will continue to let her stay in Hua Cheng. Keep up the good work, Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by Mother of 陈歆颖

恩琪 SEC2 EXP (2023)

“Yes, I have opted to continue my learning journey with Hua Cheng Education Centre because it effectively improved my Chinese proficiency. I really enjoy every lesson and appreciate how motivated and determined Hua Cheng teachers and management are to help every student learn and succeed. I believe Hua Cheng can continue helping me to better understand Chinese in school and further develop my interest in the Chinese language. Through my years at Hua Cheng, my interest in Chinese culture and language has grown immensely. Without the help and support from Hua Cheng, I would not have been able to achieve an A and AL3 in PSLE Chinese!”

Testimonial by 恩琪 (student)

刘豫 SEC4 Higher Chinese (2019)

“I am writing in to express my appreciation towards Hua Cheng for helping me achieved an A1 for my O-Levels Higher Chinese. I wish to particularly thank李老师for her perseverance and exceptional guidance to help me advance my Higher Chinese grades from a mere 69% to an A1 within just five sessions. Through booster lessons that target and focused on exam skills, 李老师 miraculously accomplished the “mission impossible” right before my O-levels. These effectual sessions not only helped me raise my score but also boosted my confidence before sitting for the exam. Besides, her cheerful and passionate attitude, as well as her willingness to answer my questions online outside of lesson time, inspired me to put in as much effort and dedication into my studies as she did. In the end, I scored an A1 overall, with a Distinction for my oral exam. Thank you, 李老师! Thank you, Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by 刘豫 (RGS student)

何宇桐 CCW P4 (2023)

” My P4 daughter has been attending Hua Cheng for over five years, while Yu Tong faces increased workload and accompanying pressures, the strong foundation in Mandarin built up in Hua Cheng has enabled her to achieve good grades.

I am delighted that I have enrolled Yu Tong in CCW this year, which proven to be immensely beneficial for her Paper 1 performance. This well delivered course has equipped her with good phrases and good sentences (好词好句) from 锦上添花, which Yu Tong has skillfully incorporated into her compositions and even during casual conversations with family members. I am both pleasantly surprised and immensely gratified by the depth of vocabulary she has acquired.

Moreover, the reading comprehension techniques taught in CCW have enabled Yu Tong to be more fluent and confident in answering questions. She can now quickly identify relevant information in the writing and write clear and articulate responses to questions. I am delighted with the remarkable progress she has made.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Yu Tong’s teacher, who not only analyzed her learning situation but also recommended the most appropriate course for her based on her abilities. This approach is a testament to Hua Cheng’s commitment to personalized teaching!”

Testimonial by Mother of 何宇桐

何悦哲 PSLE NC (2023)

“I appreciate the highly patient and gentle teachers, as well as the efficient and supportive customer services at Hua Cheng. Despite having sent my son Yue Zhe to various tuition centres, Hua Cheng stands out as the only one that impressed me. What truly stands out about Hua Cheng is their dedication to prioritising the benefits of children’s learning, and I deeply appreciate the sincere effort put in by the education centre.

Initially, my son struggled with learning Mandarin. However, his teachers were incredibly patient with him, and his teacher started communicating with me after just the second or third lesson, providing timely feedback and endless encouragement. Teachers have demonstrated patience and encouragement towards every child in class, making lessons fun and engaging. They even organises small competitions, which serve as a great motivator for the students.

Now my son doesn’t have as much difficulty when faced with learning new Chinese vocabulary and also evince more confidence to learning Chinese!”

Testimonial by Parent of 何悦哲

杨文媗 CCW P4 (2023)

“After Wen Xuan joined Hua Cheng, her interest in Chinese language has picked up, and she started using Mandarin more frequently at home. I find the good phrases and sentences(好词好句) in the CCW very practical. Now, Wen Xuan is more fluent in her composition writing.

I am delighted that Wen Xuan’s teacher is well experienced, abled to impart knowledge with great clarity, and maintain a positive and focused classroom environment. Thus, I have full confident in Wen Xuan’s Chinese language development in Hua Cheng.

Overall, Hua Cheng has excelled in all aspects, including maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and safety, and maintaining a good student-to-teacher ratio. Keep up the excellent work, Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by Mother of 杨文媗

吴苡萱 ACE NC P5 (2023)

“I have had wonderful experiences with Yi Xuan’s teacher. Not only is she highly knowledgeable in the curriculum but also shows genuine concern for Yi Xuan’s growth and development by proactively communicating with me, providing valuable insights into Yi Xuan’s learning progress, and offering helpful suggestions for improvement. I appreciate her unwavering dedication to ensure Yi Xuan’s success in Chinese language mastery.

Hua Cheng has done an excellent job in various aspects, including effective teaching methods, efficient customer services, and maintaining a clean and conducive learning environment. Most importantly, the staff takes excellent care of my child while on their premises. Well done, Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by Mother of 吴苡萱

叶嘉恩 PSLE NC (2023)

“My wife and I were pleasantly surprised when Jia En received the Academic Leap Award, despite being an English-speaker at home. Her results surpassed my expectations and I’m thrilled to see significant improvements in her exam scores since joining Hua Cheng. Over the past two years, her Chinese language skills had improved significantly, particularly in composition writing. Now, she is able to write well-structured essays and uses a range of sophisticated phrases and sentences.

I attribute much of her progress to Hua Cheng’s proprietary Composition Handbook (读写手册). It contains a wealth of useful phrases, sentences and writing techniques, which have proven invaluable in tackling school essay questions.

Hua Cheng, you did what you have to do. Keep it up! ”

Testimonial by Father of 叶嘉恩

萧愉恩 ELITE PSLE HC (2023)

“My daughter has been attending Hua Cheng for over 4 years, and I highly appreciate their curriculum content and well-designed worksheets. The weekly spelling exercises are particularly helpful, pushing my child to revise at home and acquire more Chinese vocabulary over time. The  inclusion of comprehension skills, oral skills and PSLE scoring techniques in Hua Cheng’s curriculum has helped to improve Yu En’s exam results significantly.

Hua Cheng’s Customer Relationship Officers are outstanding. They respond promptly to my messages and fulfill my requests efficiently. Their friendly demeanor and exceptional services are truly appreciated. Special thanks to these dedicated staff for making me and my daughter’s experiences with Hua Cheng a memorable one.”

Testimonial by Mother of 萧愉恩

蔡嘉恩 PSLE NC (2023)

“Actually, I had intended to arrange one-to-one Chinese tuition for my daughter as this year is her PSLE year. However, she insisted on staying at Hua Cheng because her teacher is capable of engaging her and fellow students in class by incorporating interactive and enjoyable teaching methods. Additionally, the teacher communicates with me frequently, sharing my child’s learning progress and providing practical advices. These positive experiences have motivated me to support my child’s decision to continue at Hua Cheng.

In my opinion, Hua Cheng’s Customer Relationship Officer is exceptional. Whether explaining enrolment procedures and terms & conditions, fulfilling make-up lessons, or following up on my requests, the officer is always efficient in her responses and coherent in her explanations.

Hua Cheng, Keep up the high standards!

Testimonial by Mother of 蔡嘉恩

吴苡柔 ACE P2 (2023)

“After my daughter joined Hua Cheng, her frequency of communicating in Mandarin at home has greatly increased. From my perspective, Hua Cheng’s up-to-date curriculum, engaging teaching methods, fun learning environment, and improvement in her Chinese exam results are the main reasons that have sparked Yi Rou’s interest in learning Chinese.

Over the past few years, I have also observed that Yi Rou’s learning attitude has improved significantly and she has developed a profound interest in the Chinese language. I am grateful to Hua Cheng for this wonderful outcome. Thank you, Hua Cheng!”

Testimonial by Mother of 吴苡柔

何乐颖 P6 & 何咏恩 P3

“My 2 daughters have been attending lessons at Hua Cheng since they were P1 and N2 respectively. Throughout the years, I find that the teachers at Hua Cheng were exceptionally experienced and effective. They are able to motivate my girls to excel. Putting my girls in Hua Cheng is one of the best decisions we have made as Chinese is the subject that I do not have to worry about. The curriculum is also highly relevant and notes given each lesson were useful for revision. I highly recommend parents to enroll their child in Hua Cheng.”

Testimonial by Mother of 何乐颖 & 何咏恩

“I am very grateful to Ivy and her team for aiding my son on his Chinese learning journey. With their patience and support in this nurturing environment, he scored an A on his PSLE exam and did us all proud! Thank you for your incredible kindness and always putting the students first. We appreciate you so much!”

Testimonial by Chris, father of a Hua Cheng student

黄泽凯 ACE1

“Hua Cheng prepares my children well advance in their classes! Thank You!”

Testimonial by Mother of 黄泽凯

吴奕全 Primary 1

“My child has improved tremendously since joining in nursery and he is now in P1. Mdm Zhao is a strict but engaging teacher, the children in her class learn well and also enjoy their lessons. They are always smiling when they depart from class. Keep up the good work!”

Testimonial by Mother of 吴奕全

Qiu Wu Hang, Primary 4

“The teacher that is taking my son in both writing and enrichment courses is most encouraging! She is patient and always has kind words for her charges. As a parent, I am blessed that my son has a teacher such as Mdm Chen.”

Testimonial by Mother of Wu Hang

杰嵘 Primary 1

“我们会选择华程,因为华程的课程内容丰富。主要还包括了听写和阅读理解,这对孩子们的教育很重要。其次,老师对杰嵘(P1 Sun)很有耐心,让他对学习华文不会有恐惧感,谢谢吴老师。我们也喜欢华程在孩子对学习说正确华语方面,很有鼓励和认真的教学态度。两位接待小姐非常亲切友好的服务态度,也是我们选择华程的原因之一。最后,希望华程继续努力,教导小孩子学习华文,继续保持良好的水准。”

Testimonial by Mother of 杰嵘

Ysabel Shayne Lee Hsuan, Primary 2

“Thank you, Hua Cheng Education Centre for providing my daughter Ysabel Shayne Lee with a holistic learning experience. Since she has joined Hua Cheng for 1 semester, her interest in Chinese language has dramatically improved. Gone were the days when she has had to force herself with Chinese spelling and composition.”

Testimonial by Mother of Ysabel

雪儿 K1

“自从雪儿在 K1 加入了华程语文中心后,她对华文的兴趣就有了明显的进展。主要原因是华程的老师非常的有耐心,而且也经常给她许多的鼓励,让她对自己更有信心面对华语。此外,华程教育中心给的作业也非常详细,让我能帮助她复习。在她上 P1 时,学校老师都夸她的华文基础好。现在,虽然雪儿在该中心写作班只有半年的时间,但我觉得她在董老师的细心教导下,已突破了她自己的写作能力,让她更有信心地面对未来的学校考试。”

Testimonial by Mother of 雪儿
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