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精益求精  乐在其中

Hua Cheng Education Centre was established in June 2000.

Our mission is to provide quality, responsible and accessible education services to our next generation. We are dedicated to create an engaging and supportive environment where our students can excel in their learning of Chinese language.

We attain 100% passes in Chinese PSLE results, whereby 95% or more of the students have achieved A/A* results every year.


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Primary School Courses

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Learning Chinese is Fun- See What Others Have To Say!

Happy students and parents
  • The teacher that is taking my son in both writing and enrichment courses is most encouraging! She is patient and always has kind words for her charges. As a parent, I am blessed that my sons get a teacher such as Mdm Chen.

    Mother of Qiu Wu Hang (P4)
  • My 2 daughters have been attending lessons at Hua Cheng since they were P1 and N2 respectively. Throughout the years, I find that the teachers at Hua Cheng were exceptionally experienced and effective.  They are able to motivate my girls to excel. Putting my girls in Hua Cheng is one of the best decisions we have made as Chinese is the subject that I do not have to worry about. The curriculum is also highly relevant and notes given each lesson were useful for revision. I highly recommend parents to enrol their child in Hua Cheng.

    Mother of 何乐颖(P6) & 何咏恩(P3)
  • My child has improved tremendously since joining in nursery and he is now in P1. Mdm Zhao is a strict but engaging teacher, the children in her class learn well and also enjoy their lessons. They are always smiling when they depart from class. Keep up the good work!

    Mother of 吴奕全 (P1)
  • Thank you Hua Cheng Education Centre for providing my daughter Ysabel Shayne Lee with a holistic learning experience.  Since she has joined Hua Cheng for 1 semester, her interest in Chinese language has dramatically improved. Gone were the days when she has had to force herself with Chinese spelling and composition.

    Mrs Lee, mother of Ysabel Shayne Lee Hsuan (P2)
  • “Hua cheng prepares my children well advance in their classes! Thank You !”

  • “自从雪儿在K1加入了华程语文中心后,她对华文的兴趣就有了明显的进展。主要原因是华程的老师非常的有耐心,而且也经常给她许多的鼓励,让她对自己更有信心面对华语。此外,华程中心给的作业也非常详细,让我能帮助她复习。

  • “我们会选择华程,因为华程的课程内容丰富。主要还包括了听写和阅读理解,这对孩子们的教育很重要。其次,老师对杰嵘(P1 Sun)很有耐心,让他对学习华文不会有恐惧感,谢谢吴老师。我们也喜欢华程在孩子对学习说正确华语方面,很有鼓励和认真的教学态度。