Hua Cheng Education Centre Primary 1 Preparation Course

Primary One Intensive Preparation Class (PIP)

Many parents have well-prepared their children for Primary One Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) , is your child ready too?

Our Primary One Intensive Preparation Class (PIP) taught over 20 sessions is specially designed to fully prepare your child to take on Primary One Chinese with added confidence. Areas covered include:

  1. Hanyu Pinyin      汉语拼音 *
  2. Key vocabulary of Primary One syllabus      重点词汇
  3. Conversations in Chinese      华语会话

*Participants will get a complimentary box of exclusive Hua Cheng Hanyu Pinyin cards!                                                                     

Hua Cheng Education Centre K2 Hanyu Pinyin Cards
20 lessons,
1hr 45min per lesson.

Vacancies are limited!

Please call to enquire on class schedule and fees. 

Secure your seat at the nearest Hua Cheng Education Centre today.

Available island-wide at these locations:

  • Thomson Plaza (Headquarters)
  • Rivervale Community Centre
  • Oasis Terraces
  • The Midtown
  • Parkway Centre
  • Vision Exchange
  • Junction Nine
  • City Square Mall
  • Eastpoint Mall
  • Loyang Point
Hua Cheng Education Centre K2 Classes

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